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September 11, 2013

Using Black & White Art

Any good designer has a true love for simplicity.  When you see something you immediately love, what is it that makes you love it?  It's the correct balance, the white or negative space & the easy details.  Easy details are added touches that make something beautiful without going over the top creating distraction. I love the simplicity of a beautiful piece of white paper and only a few words in charcoal or black, framed out in pure white.  Done right, this can be so sophisticated!  It's all about the right balance of white to black...with added accent colors.


1. It's all in the font

Good fonts are hard to come by.  When you find ones you love and that work for you keep them close by.  I love using fun script fonts with my black and white art.  The create enough interest to make the print playful but you have to be careful.  Choose one where the "swoopty-doos" are very sparse, like 1-2 letters per word.  Too many will interact with each other and then just create a hot know what i mean.  You can also choose to mix this with a clean & crisp font.  Just be careful here, I try to stick to only 2 fonts per print...with the occasional exception!

2. Accent Colors will make it or break it

3. Simplicity in the framing